Tuesday, November 18, 2008

love lockdown?

"i got something to lose so i gotta move
i can't keep myself and still keep you, too"

Sigh. I hate the truth sometimes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

MUSIC || a.renae likes T-Pain?

So Thr33 Ringz from T-Pain is really good. I never would have listened to it had I not gone on Ruckus to download "Chopped N Skrewed" and said, what the heck, let's try the whole CD just for kicks. Well, it's kicking. . . in a good way.

The songs are so varied, from normal T-Pain thinking, to world awareness, to anger. I love the mix. The best part are the guests. There are many and T-Pain is good at collaborations. They are all songs that could be on either artists' albums. None of the guests seem out of place. Plus, Musiq and Raheem DeVaughn are on this CD. That means an almost automatic stamp of approval.

"Chopped N Skrewed" with Luda
"Therapy" with Kanye West
"Reality Show" with Raheem DeVaughn and Musiq and Jay Lyriq
"Karaoke" with DJ Khaled
"Freeze" with Chris Brown

There are others... but all I'm going to post about right now. . .

i look like my dad

I wrote this entry yesterday on my LJ and wanted to share it here:

". . . but if the storms don't cease
and if the winds keep on blowing in my life;
my soul has been anchored in the lord. . . "

i heard this song today and cried.
i called my mom and told her to tune to the radio station to hear "my daddy's" song. i remember my daddy singing this song. i have a video of my daddy singing this song.

my daddy's voice was full, deep, strong, and full of power. the person was the same way. he passed some of that on to me. i have my daddy's hair, his skin, his glasses, his big hands. he gave me a voice, strong and thick and beautiful. i have his want of truth. of knowledge. i have his smarts. i analyze just like he did. my mom says i think too much, like my daddy. . . i question all the time. which i am sure he did. at the same time i have faith that i know he had.

this song came from nowhere! today, for me, it was a way of connecting with my daddy. i know my brain, thoughts, situations are all over the place, but it was a nudge and assurance that i know where my anchor holds. . .

thank you, daddy.

i'm gonna learn that song and one day, i will do that thing that natalie cole did to sing "unforgettable" with her dad. . .


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Text Me, Please!

I got a new phone!
The weather, life situations, and whatever made me feel. . . blah. . .and retail therapy was just what I needed.

so now I have this phone:
Click Me! It's really CUTE