Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IRL || ranty mcrant-rant on online dating.

Whenever the topic of dating and/or relationships comes up, there's this hidden thing about using online dating sites -- that there's something inherently wrong with doing it. I've sat in on conversations where friends (those who are usually in relationships or something close to it) tell other friends to STOP considering even making a profile on one of these dating sites. I guess people look at it as a sign of desperation or failure or something like that.

I'll let you in on a secret: I've made profiles and/or talked to and even gone out with people from online dating sites. I want to date and if my circles don't include men (which often times they don't), and none of my friends can or want to introduce me to their male friends, and when I go out I'm only talked to to let guys know who my friend is, or I'm just not the type of woman the people I meet even care to ask out, WHERE THE HELL DO I FIND A DATE?

I don't think it's desperation or a bad look. I don't beg men in real life to date me, nor do I beg people online to. Most people get ignored, laughed at, or put in their place and guys still have to meet my criteria or a date is a no-go. Hell, an email address is a no-go.

I've known people who have met dates and even life partners from FACEBOOK, so how is online dating so different?

Anyway, that's my opinion. Judge all you want. Comment if you'd like.

LIFE || little brown girls: [y]our hair is beautiful. it's GOOD.

I am posting this everywhere, so if you've seen it other places from me. . . well, I don't apologize. This video made me smile:

I spent my whole life watching TV where the little brown girls (daughters) had to have long curls or straight hair (they were also usually very, very light-skinned no matter what the parents or brothers looked like). I like that the puppet's main look is a tightly coiled mop that doesn't blow in the wind. Now that I'm starting to discover my hair all over again, it's really speaking to me as well.