Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Good morning! Found via the Atlantic Magazine, in "The War on Kwanzaa" bloggy-article-thing, Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake:

Um. . . no.

But today is the fifth day/principle of Kwanzaa: Nia - Purpose. Have a purposeful day!

Monday, December 29, 2008

ten things. not on topic. skip if you must.

Today, breakfast will consist of gingerbread and egg nog coffee because I said so.

I have a wish-list longer than I did before Christmas.

I have to figure out the times for my dance and yoga classes and how they fit in with my grad school classes.

I am excited about tonight. And tomorrow night. And the night after.

Today is the fourth day/principle of Kwanzaa: Ujamaa (Coopertive Economics.)

Really good number.

I need to pull out my new sewing machine and get started on . . . something.

I feel like whining, but I'll save that for another time. (I have reasons, well, so I think)

I am not ready for school to start back up.

This was such a lovely list.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

random thoughts.

I woke up to the sound of the high, high wind gusts. I am not looking forward to going anywhere today, but I want to get to church sometime before I go back to A-squared to go back to school.

I didn't get to do everything I wanted, but I did get to go shopping for a bit with my sister and I got a dress I'd been eyeing for months. That was just one happy-making thing of the day!

Just heard on TV that Black women are shrinking. Check out the article here. I think along with the "obesity epidemic",that seems to carry all the blame (something in which I do not fully believe), malnutrition and bad conditions in air and water (lots of pollution) from where low-income, "black" neighborhoods are placed, it is amazing that it's not addressed in the article. I do believe that the solution to this is to work with families by teaching about nutrition and offering green places to play with fresh air so that all the polluted air can be countered, if being short is a terribly bad thing.

Today is the third day/principle of Kwanzaa, Ujima : Collective Work and Responsiblity. Heh, I guess the above kind of fits.

Oh dear, Joel Osteen has the most-positive-sounding voice ever.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hello detroit, you've won my heart. . .

I heart my city.

I spent the evening with UrbanSkydiving's DJ Scribble Scrabble enjoying some Deeeetroit fun!

I love the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was only my second time going to thier Friday Night Live! Series and it was tons of fun. Since I'm a Detroit resident, I got to roam the museum for free, it was $8 for non-resident, non-members. I left feeling a bit more cultured, artistic, and inspired to create more and more. (That inspiration will come in handy with the brand new sewing machine my mother gifted me for Christmas. Too excited!)

So, the Mercury Coffee Bar is as good as it looks, or even better. I loved the bright airy atmosphere and the friendly staff and the abundance of choices. I had the Virginia ham panino and it was tasty, as was the slow Kenyan coffee I sipped with desert.

I loved it! My LS loved it. We were happy and had lots of fun. We also decided that this evening could be part of a great date: culture, conversation, yummy food. Perfect.

Next stop: The Centaur Martini Bar. I love this place!

By the way, today is the second day/principle of Kwanzaa: Kujichagulia which is Self-Determination.

Friday, December 26, 2008

and i drink cups of tea. . . [the hot-chocolate edition]

Christmas was wonderful! No, Santa did not bring me a boo (he skipped me again) but I got to spend fun times with family.

Christmas Highlights:

  • Christmas Eve at my cousin's.

  • Seeing her son spaz when he saw his brand new drum set. He's 3.

  • Seeing my brother, nephew (who is so, so, so tall now) little cousins, and bigger ones and playing fun singing games on the PS3.

  • Christmas dinner with my Nana.

  • Bringing my Great Aunt to that Christmas Dinner (she has Alzheimer's and dementia)

  • My Great Aunt not remembering much, but singing along to and even leading old gospel songs: "Glory glory, hallelujah, since I laid my burdens down" and "Jesus is on the mainline, tell Him what you want. . . " She even brought in the bass a couple of times!

  • Opening presents Christmas morning over hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa! Yay!

What are your Christmas higlights? Any great gifts?

habari gani?

Today is the first day/principle of Kwanzaa.
Now I'm off to be unified with my mom and sisters and then time with my LS. So, yay, UNITY.
More to come when I can finally sit down for a bit. And we're not socializing.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

although it's been said many times, many ways. . .

Merry Christmas to you!
Wishing you a happy holiday season full of love, peace, joy, and hope for the future.

Monday, December 22, 2008

i love chocolate, but. . .

And I'm all for the sweet and salty combination, but this is kinda crazy:

They make chocolate with bacon in it.
The lady at the checkout told me it was good and that her boss buys it up regularly. . .

Check out Vosges Haut Chocolat. They have tons of chocolate combinations that seem interesting to delicious. And they sell some at Whole Foods. So I may be trying some. (Not the bacon kind just yet, though)

Which ones would you try?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

a book lover's christmas

My mother bought Christmas cards for her book club friends. I thought they were cute:
A Book Lover's Christmas
A Potter in a Pear Tree
Two Green Eggs & Ham
Three Chilling King Tales
Four Da Vinci Clues
Five Little Golden Books
Six Book Club Meetings
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Eight Plots Thickening
Nine Hobbits Dancing
Ten Clancy heroes Leaping
Eleven Unfourtunate Events Unfolding
Twelve Grishams Gripping
By the way, I love the Series of Unfortunate Events. Yeah.

oh how i love. . . stuff

I joined Twitter a day ago to follow a friend who has been having shakey internet access. Gee, is it a bit addictive. I had it all hooked up to facebook and could change all of my status messages by sending a text message. And with my spiffy new phone (I love my phone) I love texting so it all works together.

I got a hint of my Christmas present from my mom and I am so excited. So. Excited.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

MUSIC || luchini: siiiiiidenote

I'm packing and getting ready to get out of Ann Arbor, thank God! I listen to music all day, and "Luchini" came on. One of my favorites.

I find it interesting that their albums are named after the Poitier/Cosby films i love so much: Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do It Again, and A Piece of the Action.

Well anyway, Camp Lo's "Luchini":

these are [two] of my favorite things

Art and Kanye West. Together.
Amazing. Click it.

Fred Hart's interpretation of Kanye West's "Robocop" and "Amazing." from his
Cover series of the songs from 808s and Heartbreak. These two are my favorites.
See the rest at the above link.

Listening to Kanye West "Paranoid"

Friday, December 19, 2008

a smile. needed.

This makes me smile. And laugh.
Especially the dance-off, and the Guitar Hero Part.

I don't know how it really fits with the song, but it sure is entertaining.

this made my day:

I made s'mores last night and was able to share them with my crazy housemates and their people and my sister! THAT made me happy: spending time with them.
The s'mores were yummy. The company was hilarious and lots of fun. They raised my spirits.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

slow down papa, don't you blow your top

The other day, I heard Natalie Cole's rendition of her father's classic: "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66". It was good, as most songs sung by Natalie Cole are. But it's not as good as Mr. Nat "King" Cole.

See, Nat Cole was smooth. He didn't need to rush down Route 66, he was enjoying the stops along the way from "Chicago to L.A." He cruised across the USA. He was getting his kicks and getting somewhere as well.

Natalie, now she sounded like she was pushing it. That she had to get to LA and she had to get there now. It was pretty. Was it ever pretty, but it wasn't smooth.

I love Nat. I used to watch the reruns of his show. And yes, he could be mainstream and fa-la-la with the best of them: the success of "The Christmas Song" showed that. But, man, did he ever have soul and style. He was smooth and suave. Listen to him croon on "Straighten Up and Fly Right" or tell his woman off in "That Ain't Right"

Random Sidenote:If there is ever a movie about him, I want Mos Def to play him. But he has to open his mouth a pronounce his words. Mos tends to mumble, but he can act his butt off. . .

Not listening at this moment, but thinking about listening to "Route 66" and "The Christmas Song - "Nat "King" Cole.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One thing I enjoy about being finished with classes and finals is that I can do whatever I want with my time, including waiting impatiently and excitedly and nothing else, if it so suits me. Well, I choose to do so today and will until close to six tonight. Love.

Last night was photos and blogging. I support this blog: www.urbanskydiving.blogspot.com and the fun, pretty, conscious, serious girl who is writing it. Unlike mine, I'm sure this one will have a focus and a point.

Over break I plan on going to Mercury Coffee Bar. Probably more than once. I am looking for people to accompany me. Thanks. I also hope I can fit in a Friday Night Live at the DIA.

Happy-making thing(s) include: witnessing fly hair, photo shoot on a Tuesday night, presenting my last final project, safe travel in the snow.

Yeah. I really like Common's new CD. A Lot.

Listening to Common "Make My Day"
"Yeah i think i like her because she really makes my day. . . "

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

eric benet's "my prayer"

Love, sweet love I feel your power

Hear my prayer; We're in your hands now.
Take these hearts so lost and broken
Bring us home again

It's very pretty and kind of sad. But I like it.


Have you ever tried to scream but nothing would come out?
Well I tried like three times this morning. At least I think I did. I had a horrible nightmare and may never shop at Meijer again. They do awful things in the back rooms. Awful. (Well, according to my nightmare)

Listening to "Thieves in the Night" BlackStar (Kweli and Def)

Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm making a list. . .

. . . and checking it twice. Or thrice or lots of times. I have been pondering what my goals will be for the New Year.
I am happy to say that I have fulfilled a good portion of the goals for 2008:
I took a dance class; I went to Grad School and got closer to what I want to do with my life; I tried something new; I took a risk; I got closer to my sisters; I went on a date; I prayed more prayers of thanks than those of want; I got knitting needles and learned a stitch; I flirted; I stood up for myself; I put myself down less; I enjoyed the beauty of my body, what it looks like, what it can do, and how alive it can feel; I gave up dieting and embraced living.

Now here are the biggest things I want to do in 2009:

Health and Movement Goals:
  • Take a yoga class. ( I've already looked into it and found a class that is open to lots of body types and does a lot with modifying positions for those types. I am waiting on a brochure in the mail for registration)
  • Continue with bellydance. (Duh. )
Personal Growth Goals:
  • Read at least one book for pleasure during the semester
  • Sewing lessons with goal to build my own corset.
  • Knitting lessons (or self-teaching) with goal to knit scarves.
  • Take more photos of the occurrences in my life. Blog about important ones.
Relationship Goals
  • Continue to appreciate the love that I have, in all of its manifestations. Bask in the love shown and offered to me by family, friends, loves, etc.
  • Build stronger relationships with the above people.
  • Stay open to knew experiences in and of love.
  • Reach out to old friends or lost ones.
I will keep my progress posted here. I am excited for 2009. If it is anything like 2008, I am sure it will be nothing short of an adventure and a hell of a personal journey. . .

Listening to Robin Thicke "2 the Sky"

"Will I be rich? Have everything I want? I stop myself and look to the sky. I gotta give myself up to the sky. The only truth is in the sky"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

why i love cupcakes

I love cupcakes.
I especially like to go to Hiller's Market and splurge on the special ones at their bakery. Today I got a mocha cupcake and it was yummy. Which was one of my happy-making things of the day.
(I am about to enjoy it's chocolatey-coffee-ey goodness in the photo.)

Why do I love cupcakes so?
Because they are cute. And miniature versions of cake and I like cake, but I doubt it would be a good idea to eat an entire cake. But it is perfectly fine to eat an entire cupcake.

You see, cupcakes are whole and entire in and of themselves. A cupcake isn't a part of a whole. A cupcake is the whole.

Most people don't want or need to pair cupcakes. For cake or pie, you need ice cream in order to make it a celebratory food. Not with cupcakes. A cupcake is the celebration. Add ice cream, and the party is double. It is enhanced, but it isn't needed.

Cupcakes are fun. They are easy to grab and go, so they are kind of spontaneous. They don't require flatware, they are self-contained in their own little cups. They are quite comfortable in a group of a dozen or so, yet they can stand alone.

I'm kind of like a cupcake.
Besides being miniature, which I am not. . .
I'm cute. I'm whole and entire in and of myself, but add another person (a friend, a love, etc.) and the party is doubled or tripled or something. I'm fun and like a bit of spontaneity. I like groups, I love being with other people, but I can still stand alone.

Add to that a little sweetness and some fun sprinkles.

Listening to "Announcement" by Common and Pharrell.
"I'm finna take it to the tip-top, baby"

Friday, December 12, 2008

happy-making thing of the day

Or Things:

1. Early lunch with someone I love.
2. Painting in the scene shop. There was something calming taking my mind off of life to paint a few set pieces.
3. Coming home to a lively house. And cookies.
4. Dinner on the way. Yay!

I am one happy girl. I get to live with a houseful of people I absolutely love. I have a family that I am going to see tomorrow, even if I have to wake up excruciatingly early to do so. I have friends who I get to see over break and I get to experience new things almost daily. I get to experience love from so many places. I had a calm day. I want to hold on to where I am right now, because it is warm and I love it.

Oh, if I know you, could you comment and let me know you're reading this. Because, well, I'm nosy.

Listening to "Save Tonight" Eagle-Eye Cherry
"Save tonight and fight the break of dawn. . . "

finals finally finished

Well, not quite, but the bulk is done.

So I decided to make this blog public and try not to censor myself too much, which is a bit frightening. But, if people are interested in my uneventful life, then they should be able to read away.

Anyway, besides the little-sleep-getting because of finals (I made a fierce headdress for my costume class) I had a very interesting week. This is why:

I stubbed my toe and couldn't dance at bellydance class and therefore, I will not be in the recital. My toe is feeling better now, though

I spent a lot of time with my younger sister and we had some bonding time and a few, deep heart-to-hearts.

I watched a lot of Wife Swap while working on projects.

I only cried once.

I had fun with my(new) chapter at our Christmas party. It is amazing how I met a soror a few years ago and now we are in the same graduate chapter. I think we are going to be friends. I also scored a yummy candle and Macy's gift card! Yay me!

Listening to Kate Nash's "Shit Song"
"baby don't give me shit, 'cause I know that you're full of it. . . "