Thursday, August 11, 2011

in memoriam. (link)

I know I've still not blogged in a while. I'm still figuring which direction I'm taking and I'm also in the midst of moving back to Detroit! However, I read this piece on LadyQSings that really touched me.

I've written about my dad here before. He died when I was six so I never really got to know him very well. I didn't grow up with him around, but I knew that if he were still alive he'd be there with me. About him/us, she writes:
You were a SILENT WARRIOR, and far as I'm concerned that's the best kind to have on your team. I look at your daughters today, and I see pieces of you. I see parts of you that they'll never know. And that makes me sad.
Read more about him, and two other people who have also helped mold me into who I am (yes, the blogger is my cousin and knows most of my life.) Link below.