Sunday, January 23, 2011

a boring recap of my life in recent times.

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic, but good at the same time. I have yet to take down my Christmas tree. Do not judge.

I left one of my jobs and got a new one, so for two weeks I worked three jobs. Plus school. Plus sorority. Plus rehearsal.

Speaking of rehearsal, I am doing Vagina Monologues in February! It's exciting, though there are some things a bit unnerving that I couldn't put my finger on until reading another woman-of-color's blog post about being in the Monologues. So many thoughts on race and empowe
rment and feminism running through my mind right now.

I got a sew-in. A weave. Extensions. Whatever you want to call it, I got it. It's extra long and I feel really DIVA in it. The thing is, this is my first one, and I wassuper nervous about it. I'm not that kind of girl. I kept my hair the same most from middle school until I graduated college (with the exception of braids here and there.) The past year has brought some changes. I cut it last October or November, got kinky twists and stopped relaxing in July and now I have a weave. Super long. I love it. I think I might blog about my thoughts on hair another time. It's full of politics, and morals and feelings and stereotypes for Black women, at least.

I've been eating crazy. And not that I want to diet (another post), but I do feel a lot better when I'm feeding myself things that aren't processed too much, full of salt or something like that. With that, I finally bought a few groceries. Because eating out these past weeks has been expensive and kind of icky feeling, even when I wasn't (which was most times) choosing fast food.

I took an out-of-towner on a Detroit adventure. Finally. Love.

Speaking of adventures, I got a new camera, but I fail at taking pictures while I'm out. I want to post more pics on this blog, so I need to get to it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

why i blog.

Blogging, for me, is an exercise in exhibitionism. I get to show off my brains. I can let my thoughts hang all out for people who want them, or even those who are simply passing through. I don't have to cover up or censor, and it makes me feel good to know that people are looking, reading, and maybe even thinking.

I want people to know what's in my head. I love that people can get that chance. I blog because I like to, not because I want to get a lot of readers or I want to use this to move up in the ranks of my profession or whatever. I just like to blog. I like writing. It's a release. It's a way to ask questions and find personal truths. It's where I can work out my feelings on this and that, and if someone is feeling brave enough to comment, I can also get and outside perspective, or validation, or just an Amen.

That brings me to this:
I'd love to categorize this blog as a fashion blog, or lifestyle blog, or relationship blog, or a music and culture blog, or an activism blog. But it's all of those and it's none of those. It's about my personal growth. And if I have readers who grow alongside me, fine. And if I have ZERO readers, fine.
Welcome back to
. . . and i drink cups of tea.