Sunday, May 10, 2009

FOOD || cooking stuff and thoughts about it. again.

So for Mother's Day, I planned a brunch. I'm trying to get some experience cooking, well mostly baking. I've realized I love baking things, not just sweets, and if I could bake something everyday, I would. Luckily, I have no classes and I have no job (at this moment) and I'm at my mother's house so I have room and time to try recipes.

But back to the brunch, it turned out well. My mother and sisters seemed to enjoy it and that made me really happy. I was also really tired as I started at 9 AM cooking up things.

We started off with banana chocolate chip muffins (walnuts in some for my mom) and then fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and grapes) and mimosas. That was followed by spinach quiche, drop biscuits, pan-fried chicken breasts, rice, and bacon (for my mom.) It was tasty. I'd never made quiche, biscuits, or muffins before and they all turned out great!

I wish I would have oven-fried the chicken, because I really don't like cooking on the stove top. I'll try a few more things to see if I just have an aversion to
frying things, but in this cooking journey, the baking has been the most enjoyable.

I only hope to get better and better and to make people a bit happy with what I can make.

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