Friday, March 12, 2010

ART || inspiration.

poetry inspires me. it makes me want to get up and create.
when i hear it i want to dance, or paint, or draw, or just believe.
the biggest thing,the hardest thing,is it makes me want to write poems, too.

i am not a poet.

well, if i am, i'm a really bad poet.

but when i hear all the poets onstage, i want to master the language too.
poems where the words rise from my soul through my fingers where they flow in ink on a pad
or where they roll off of my tongue with grace, or passion, or anger, or love or . . . something.

i wish i could use words and play with them until their meanings become new.i wish i could master pun. i'd love to use assonance, alliteration, make my S's linger so it sounds so smooth

i'd love to mesmerize. i want to seek freedom by spilling the stories that we're all afraid to tell.
stand naked on a stage. just me and the mic. and let everyone take a glimpse at the real me.
one who is not happy all of the time.
one who is insecure
one who wants so much more than she is given
one who is afraid of moving forward
one who has faith that it will get better.

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