Friday, June 25, 2010

LIFE || my gears are grinding. but there's also good.

This is something that grinds my gears:
So, I just read an opinion piece on how a black woman is bothered to see fat black women. Ok, I'm bothered by seeing those Shape-up shoes by Sketchers so maybe it's the same thing. (I actually found the piece pretty problematic, but it was the writer's opinion and I can't do anything about opinions. And I'm not arguing that all people can benefit from living a healthy life. I'm also not focusing on this for this post, really.)

Either way, there was a comment in which a reader said that s/he didn't think that any woman was proud to be fat. The commenter thinks that they'd learned to accept themselves no matter what size they are. I want to explain why I feel the first part of the statement is problematic, but I am having trouble, but I do understand the latter portion.

The part about accepting ourselves no matter our looks. I think that's important.
People change. We're going to get old. We're going to gain or lose weight. Our bodies are not going to be as supple or perky or taught at some points in our lives. Our hair may fall out or it may grow like weeds. But what is important is learning to accept ourselves for who we are beyond that. People that hold on to beauty or size or hair length may find themselves truly lacking if and when that all changes. And life will be empty for those people.

But people who love themselves and embrace themselves how they are now and how they will be will take pride in their appearance, health, well-being, etc. And they will live life to the fullest.

And really, they won't have problems with what types of people cross their paths either: fat, black, thin, white, wrinkly, plastic surgery-ed, whatever.

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