Monday, July 5, 2010

MUSIC || because i like lyrics. . .

. . . and also because I like Jay Smooth (
This video is pretty old (it's from March) but I love the key points made:
  • At one point rap/hip hop was lyrical.
  • Now it's not because people think lyricism makes no money
  • But the top money-making artists are lyricists.
But of course, Jay says it better. So I'd advise you to watch the video.

SIDENOTE: Funny, but I dreamed of Jay last night. We were on a date. It was awesome. (Ok, that part might sound scary) And anyone who knows me should be able to see why I love this man. Even though he has no glasses.

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  1. funniest part "there were always some ppl like Biz that we loved for other reasons"