Thursday, December 18, 2008

slow down papa, don't you blow your top

The other day, I heard Natalie Cole's rendition of her father's classic: "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66". It was good, as most songs sung by Natalie Cole are. But it's not as good as Mr. Nat "King" Cole.

See, Nat Cole was smooth. He didn't need to rush down Route 66, he was enjoying the stops along the way from "Chicago to L.A." He cruised across the USA. He was getting his kicks and getting somewhere as well.

Natalie, now she sounded like she was pushing it. That she had to get to LA and she had to get there now. It was pretty. Was it ever pretty, but it wasn't smooth.

I love Nat. I used to watch the reruns of his show. And yes, he could be mainstream and fa-la-la with the best of them: the success of "The Christmas Song" showed that. But, man, did he ever have soul and style. He was smooth and suave. Listen to him croon on "Straighten Up and Fly Right" or tell his woman off in "That Ain't Right"

Random Sidenote:If there is ever a movie about him, I want Mos Def to play him. But he has to open his mouth a pronounce his words. Mos tends to mumble, but he can act his butt off. . .

Not listening at this moment, but thinking about listening to "Route 66" and "The Christmas Song - "Nat "King" Cole.

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