Monday, March 9, 2009

play on.

Yesterday I saw August Wilson's Radio Golf at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.
I was so excited to get out to the theatre, but not so excited about the play. I read it last year, and for some reason I was not impressed.

Boy was I in for a surprise. It was really, really good. I laughed and I (almost) cried. Radio Golf is about business and community and how they don't fuse a lot of times. It is about politics and renaissance, and doing what's right, even when you have all the intentions of good when doing wrong. It was about internalized racism and privilege.

I understood the choice of play. It opened a few days prior to President Obama's inauguration and in the midst of Detroit's mayoral turmoil and primary elections. It was like the Rep was pointing at us and saying "Hey you, Detroiter. Hey you, black person. Hey you, any person. We have to find a way to thrive and be compassionate at the same time. . . "

I am looking forward to the next play in their season, Finding the Burnett Heart.
I hope some of my friends want to go. I love the Rep. It was where I saw the play that would become my favorite, Yellowman, about intraracial prejudice.

In other news, I finished Kindred today. AMAZING. That book took me on a journey. It's been a while since I read a book like that. It was great! That is the happy-making thing of the day!

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