Friday, March 13, 2009

slow it down.

I love Musiq's "sobeautiful".
Every time I hear it, I'm like, "that is a really pretty and sexy love song. . . "

Sexy love songs, to me, aren't sex songs. They have a balance of love and desire. You know it's not all just physical. There's depth there, feeling. They don't only have a sexy groove, but lyrics that have deep meaning.

On that note, here's the beginning of my sexy song list. I do have a few that are not that deep, but hey.

"Believe" - Raheem Devaughn
(This for one line: " like the rebirth of love. . . with a twist." I don't know why that is so sexy to me.)
"The Panties" - Mos Def
(Do not let the name fool you. The word panties is not even in the song.)
"Still Ray" - Raphael Saadiq
(Two lines: "I'm coming home to you, wear something see-through, so I can see your heart. . . " and "You'll never have to beg me to come to bed; I'll walk you there each night. ")
"He Loves Me" - Jill Scott
"You" - Raheem Devaughn

Please add to it. Thanks.

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