Thursday, May 7, 2009

IRL ||morning randoms for you.

1. Clearly, I think I'm missing my housemates. But I will be in Detroit for the rest of the week. . .

2. Spent the morning with Faith Evans and the fabulous Chaka Khan. Lovely.

3. Feeling weird because every time I listen to "You Gets No Love. . . " this line always stands out: "Just because I let you get some, that don't make you the one. We ain't even in love. . ." And I like it. Just bad.

4. I am kind of obsessed with the new BEP's "Boom Boom Pow." I listen to it whenever it comes on. I kind of think it's a silly song too, with Fergie's screeching in the middle.

5. I want, like, a bizillion dresses! I think I might start switching over to a mostly dress/skirt wardrobe. I think that would be fun. I've been slipping into jeans and t-shirts lately. Like, real t-shirts-- not the fitted ones with the flattering necklines, but like standard 2X t-shirts. Get it together Miss .renae.

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