Saturday, March 20, 2010

LIFE || finding my sexy.

I wrote about two years ago, reposted it elsewhere last year, and in light of recent events, I feel I want to share it again. So here goes:

sometimes i don't think it is in me to be sexy. but i want to find it.
i want to walk around and exude sensuality. always.
jill scott is the perfect example. . . her walk, her voice, her smile. . .
she=sensuality and sexiness. . . and u don't need to hear her songs to see that...

i want that to be me. . .
i want there to be a little spark that ppl can't put thier fingers on
but they know it's there. that sensuality...

my sister has it. even my mom.
coy. knowing it's there but actually not knowing. . .
never too overt

me. i want to find my sexy.
my sensuality. move in it and groove in it.


how do i get that? that magnetism. it comes so naturally for some people.


  1. It's not somethin you find.. it just is.. you have to focus on other things and others will notice for you....remember.. "A watched pot never boils..." so stop trying to find something that has been in you all along.. ..... silly woman.... heheheheheh