Sunday, July 11, 2010

MUSIC || pharrell. despicable me. love.

I took my little cousin to see Despicable Me on Saturday. If you like silly/funny/heartwarming animated comedies, I suggest you go out and see it! And if you like really fun-sounding and good music, I also think you should go see the film. And get your hands on the soundtrack.

Numerous times during the movie, I found myself immersed in the music surrounding me in the theater. I was grooving or smiling or just feeling it. It's no surprise. Pharrell Williams was involved. And can I say, this is the flyest soundtrack and score of any animated movie(especially one geared to children). Ever. Seriously. Even Lupe Fiasco is involved in "Minion Mambo" (which I felt really silly for liking with the little minon voices at first. But it's Lupe and Pharrell. I cannot help it).

I really like the title track. It sounds like a classic track of your regular spy film or something, yet it's hip hop. And "Fun, Fun, Fun,"my other favorite, sounds like a summer driving song! It just makes me smile.

But you must hear "The Unicorn Song" sung by the youngest character, Agnes. If I had a child ( I know, I keep bringing up this hypothetical child,) I'd so want to get something Pharrell-produced with my cute, sweet kiddie's voice on it. Don't you just love it?

Seriously. Listen to "The Unicorn Song."
That is all.

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