Friday, December 12, 2008

finals finally finished

Well, not quite, but the bulk is done.

So I decided to make this blog public and try not to censor myself too much, which is a bit frightening. But, if people are interested in my uneventful life, then they should be able to read away.

Anyway, besides the little-sleep-getting because of finals (I made a fierce headdress for my costume class) I had a very interesting week. This is why:

I stubbed my toe and couldn't dance at bellydance class and therefore, I will not be in the recital. My toe is feeling better now, though

I spent a lot of time with my younger sister and we had some bonding time and a few, deep heart-to-hearts.

I watched a lot of Wife Swap while working on projects.

I only cried once.

I had fun with my(new) chapter at our Christmas party. It is amazing how I met a soror a few years ago and now we are in the same graduate chapter. I think we are going to be friends. I also scored a yummy candle and Macy's gift card! Yay me!

Listening to Kate Nash's "Shit Song"
"baby don't give me shit, 'cause I know that you're full of it. . . "

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