Friday, December 12, 2008

happy-making thing of the day

Or Things:

1. Early lunch with someone I love.
2. Painting in the scene shop. There was something calming taking my mind off of life to paint a few set pieces.
3. Coming home to a lively house. And cookies.
4. Dinner on the way. Yay!

I am one happy girl. I get to live with a houseful of people I absolutely love. I have a family that I am going to see tomorrow, even if I have to wake up excruciatingly early to do so. I have friends who I get to see over break and I get to experience new things almost daily. I get to experience love from so many places. I had a calm day. I want to hold on to where I am right now, because it is warm and I love it.

Oh, if I know you, could you comment and let me know you're reading this. Because, well, I'm nosy.

Listening to "Save Tonight" Eagle-Eye Cherry
"Save tonight and fight the break of dawn. . . "

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