Sunday, December 14, 2008

why i love cupcakes

I love cupcakes.
I especially like to go to Hiller's Market and splurge on the special ones at their bakery. Today I got a mocha cupcake and it was yummy. Which was one of my happy-making things of the day.
(I am about to enjoy it's chocolatey-coffee-ey goodness in the photo.)

Why do I love cupcakes so?
Because they are cute. And miniature versions of cake and I like cake, but I doubt it would be a good idea to eat an entire cake. But it is perfectly fine to eat an entire cupcake.

You see, cupcakes are whole and entire in and of themselves. A cupcake isn't a part of a whole. A cupcake is the whole.

Most people don't want or need to pair cupcakes. For cake or pie, you need ice cream in order to make it a celebratory food. Not with cupcakes. A cupcake is the celebration. Add ice cream, and the party is double. It is enhanced, but it isn't needed.

Cupcakes are fun. They are easy to grab and go, so they are kind of spontaneous. They don't require flatware, they are self-contained in their own little cups. They are quite comfortable in a group of a dozen or so, yet they can stand alone.

I'm kind of like a cupcake.
Besides being miniature, which I am not. . .
I'm cute. I'm whole and entire in and of myself, but add another person (a friend, a love, etc.) and the party is doubled or tripled or something. I'm fun and like a bit of spontaneity. I like groups, I love being with other people, but I can still stand alone.

Add to that a little sweetness and some fun sprinkles.

Listening to "Announcement" by Common and Pharrell.
"I'm finna take it to the tip-top, baby"

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  1. Haha. I love this post and I also love cupcakes. Hiller's has good cupcakes? I might have to make a visit to their bakery and try for myself.

    P.S. How are you doing?!