Monday, January 5, 2009

busy as a bee. or a 'b'

Hello. Hello. Hello.
It's been a busy few days, and now I sit with honey vanilla white tea chai (which is terribly delicious, if you care) resting up from the first day of classes for my second semester of graduate school.

I've also been pondering what to write here. Well I could bore you with:
- I got a great new planner. A Moleskine and lots of sticky notes and I love it so far. It actually is very practical for me with lots of space for lists and notes and stuff. It was 50% off at Barnes and Noble.
- I also bought new body wash Pure & Natural's Mosturizing
Almond Oil and Cherry Blossom
which has proven to be lovely and inexpensive for something a bit more natural.

Other than that news, I can't think of much more right now, I think I'll just share a few photos from some of the stuff I posted previously:

Peach martini and Amaretto Sour from the Centaur Martini Bar in Detroit.
Cookies I baked for family near and far.

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  1. DJ Scribble ScrabbleJanuary 6, 2009 at 6:55 PM

    mmmm those martinis look yummy