Friday, October 16, 2009

IRL || hair today, gone tomorrow.

I've always been wowed by those who liken "the big chop" to something freeing, something spiritual. I can understand it now.

For me, though my hair has only been short for four days, it is something that is freeing. Now, I didn't go natural, so I am still very much a slave to the flat iron and other straightening agents, so I can't comment on how it feels to be able to enjoy hair as natural as it can be. But, this chop has enabled me to really confront my ideas of beauty, especially for myself.

I've always wanted to cut my hair, but I always stayed in the "safe range": There would always be hair on my neck and always some length on the sides, because I felt it was flattering. Fat girls look better with long hair? Right? Do guys like short hair? Would it look ok in pictures? What would my grandma think? Now, come on, black people value length. Most times I hear, "Oh she can pull off that short hair, but most people couldn't" or something like that. The same goes with natural styles.

I knew that hair was just hair. I decided that I'd go on with it and if it looked awful, I'd wear a hat or get a weave or something. Oh my, that did not need to cross my mind because it is fabulous.

When my chair was turned around to face the mirror, the first question I asked was "Why hadn't I gone short a long time ago?"


  1. This is FABULOUS ... I love you, I love your hair, I love your thoughts

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  3. Sandz, I agree...I love your new cut! I think I just like my long hair... but you are amazing to be able take that step....

    And, you look great... but you always do...I've been trying the grown up accessorizing just for you...