Sunday, November 15, 2009

LOVE || love and fighting the funk

I feel like I talk about love all the time. I definitely think about it all the time. I think it's mostly because I feel love a lot lately. Or at least I've been taking the time to process how love manifests itself in my life. I've become more aware of what love means to me in the scheme of things. And I'm not talking about romance here, though that is something nice to have. But I'm exploring love again, from the love I feel for myself and my continuous amazement of the things I can do when I take a little time and use a bit of effort, to the love I feel when I step into a room full of friends I've not seen in a while.

I have this complex, I guess, where I love to be alone. I love living by myself and having my own space. I like being comfortable there. But there comes a time where I get a bit down and I feel that no one really realizes I'm here. And there lies the problem. But there is also a solution: Finding ways to surround myself with people I love and who love me back. I spent time with sorors on Thursday. I had lunch and shopping time with my sister on Friday. I spent the entire morning with my mother. I had to put it back that people really do care.

And this is where the love comes in. When I'm feeling down and lonely, the fact that I can even call these people up and I get a 'yes' with no hesitation says something. Something like: I am loved.

I'm fighting the funk.
It's hard, but it's not that hard.

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