Sunday, November 8, 2009

FOOD || iCook.

Well, I'm learning.
Today I tried my hand at arroz con pollo for my family. It turned out delicious. For someone who has never used non-instant rice, this is a big thing.

I am working on my cooking skills. One, it's just a nice set of skills to have. Makes entertaining even better. Two, it gives me more things to eat that are healthful and filling during the week so I don't fill up on fast food or frozen dinners all of the time. Three, it's saving me money. Four, I'm having fun because cooking is creative and relaxing.

There will be more cooking, I'm sure. I'm obsessed with buying cookbooks from work. And I will need more taste-testers, so I welcome my friends to come and try. I also welcome any good recipes.

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  1. i can be both a tester and a supplier of recipies (my madre has a ton)