Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IRL || peeves.

I am a fairly easy person to get along with. I adapt to and for the people in my life. Not in a way that makes me lose myself, but in a way that makes getting along easier. EVERY LITTLE THING is not a big, huge, massive, deal and if things about people and how they operate bother me that much, I should reevaluate what time I am spending with these people because that means I'm not getting happier.

But sometimes, people I do like, and many times people I'm not so fond of can strike just the right nerve with me and it sends me to a very, very angry place. These are my pet peeves:

Someone hanging up on me!
If you hang up, log off of chat or something similar, mid-conversation, especially a heated one without saying bye and giving me the chance to know you're leaving, I will be extremely pissed. It's rude, annoying, and shows you don't really care.
It's possible to let someone know you are going to leave the conversation. I've had conversations-turned-something-worse and the other person has said to me " You seem pretty upset now, I am going to hang up now. Call me back when you're feeling better. . . " Or something like that. I'm afforded the opportunity to say bye.

Being called the B-Word by total strangers.
I don't like being called "bitch" at all. I generally don't use that word. But there's a different type of sting when someone calls me "bitch" when I don't know her first name. Or the only thing I know about him is his first name. This anger doubles if I'm called "bitch" by a stranger to another stranger.

Uninvited Guests.
Unless I specifically invite you to invite some extra people, I am not a fan of just bringing whatever other person you please along. Most times I invite others to invite others and that's no big deal. With some particularly attached people, I assume the other half will be coming. But for me to come pick you up to have a fun afternoon or invite you over for cake and coffee and you bring a random person, without giving me a heads up is extremely frustrating, and it makes me pretty upset. I'm may not be prepared . . .

There are a few more: Mean people,blatant hypocrisy, but these are some of the biggies.
I hope you enjoyed your stay and do come again. :)

- a. renae

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