Saturday, December 5, 2009

IRL || things that made me happy this week. with exposition.

It's the time where all of the final projects are due. I've been holed up in my room or the library or some computer lab every spare minute I've been getting. Kind of. Anyway, the fast-approaching finals can be cause for sadness at times, and certainly stress. Luckily, I've been afforded a few smiles here and there:

I got paid.
Therefore I bought new earrings and some warm boots.
The earrings have Africa cut outs. Really cute.

I got told "I like your look."
It's nice to get complimented on your style. I've been doing new things with how I've been dressing.

I saw my sorors.
They're cool. I love them. Lots of hugs were involved.

Work hasn't been super boring.
That's good, right?

I get to chat and talk and now, tweet with someone special when I get breaks and/or bored.
And so I get laughs and warm-fuzzies from far away.

I chatted with my sands for sands chat.
It's always lovely.

I'm busy.
And even though it's a little stressful, life is still good, in general. And I can focus. Mostly. Heh.

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