Monday, May 17, 2010

MUSIC || thicke v. robin thicke: or something like that.

See, I enjoy Robin Thicke. I love his music. He's sexy. He's smooth. He's suave. But if I had to choose, I'd take THICKE over Robin Thicke any day. Yes, I know. Thicke is Robin Thicke. But still.

I was a senior in high school when I saw the video for "When I Get You Alone." I don't want to sound like every little thing changed my life, but I really feel like watching that video was a life-changing event. I knew that my music life would never be the same, and I had a hunch the music world would be affected as well.

So I looked him up. And found out who he was. And tried to get my hands on the album--which was kind of hard because it got pushed back. (I know, I went to the music store to get the album and they told me it wasn't out yet.) When I finally got my hands on it, and listened, I thought: This man is crazy. . . and I love it.

It was soul and wild and raw. There were so many different sounds and topics covered in that one album. Every single emotion was touched on and tapped into. From brutally honest "The Stupid Things" to "Suga Mama" about his woman who "won't public affection me" all the way to the laid back optimism of "I'm 'a Be Alright." It was just brilliant to me.
Absolutely brilliant. And, yes, while Robin Thicke's new singles are sexy and cool, there is something I miss from the the Thicke of A Beautiful World.

I think that's why, though I love his singles, I love getting my hands on the albums because that's where the artist I was introduced to can still be heard. He's evolved, of course, but the essence is still there. Which is why he's still one of my favorite artists to this day.

By the way: I liked his long hair.

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