Sunday, May 16, 2010

UPDATE || changes? pt.2

. . .and i drink cups of tea has a new layout! I really like it. It's fresh and clean and fun!

I am now working on the organization of the content. I talk about everything here, but i feel like it needed a focus. From now on you'll see a category before each title. The categories are:

LIFE -- posts on how i may see life/ am learning to see life
LOVE -- views on love and relationships
MUSIC -- posts related to music
ART -- posts related to art
FASHION -- posts related to fashion/ plus size fashion
FOOD -- about food, of course
UPDATE --- posts that are just me checking in or let
IRL (in real life) -- posts related to things going on in my personal life

I'm also trying to figure a schedule of when to write in each category to keep me writing regularly here. I'm not sure yet.

I think that this organization system will work for me and mostly be great for all who read this blog. I'm really excited.

Feel free to leave some feedback! I'd appreciate it.