Friday, May 21, 2010

LIFE || inspiration to live life to the fullest

[i'm inspired by] cute chubby girls. pretty fat girls. girls with style. girls who don't let size define them. girls who go out and do. girls who wear bright colors because they refuse to hide. girls who wear black because it's chic, not because it's slimming. girls who know fat does not equal ugly. or dumb. girls like [my]self. and sometimes, girls [i] wish [i] could be.

-- revised facebook status from two days ago

I had a long post about body acceptance that was going to go here, but I scratched it. I'd been bogged down with lots of body hate coming from everywhere, from the media to myself. Then I just started typing. The status speaks for itself. Being comfortable in your skin takes time and you have to do it over and over again. It helps if you have inspiration. And this is dedicated to my friends and family of all sizes who live life to the fullest, not obsessed with numbers on a tag or a scale. To those who know that life won't start when they gain 10 pounds or lose 50. That even if they aren't all the way pleased with health or size, they work on it, but still live! They're not afraid to be silly, to be fly, to dress up, to dance, to travel, to shop, to throw out clothes that don't fit, to flirt, to eat, even. Those that have major sex appeal or just those that feel sexy.

I am working to get that way everyday.

I'm pretty sure more will come in the future.

*photo of model Tara Lynn in French Elle Magazine


  1. live life to the fullest - cute spin on words

  2. much easier said than done. some girls cant help but let the picture of beauty define them....its hard to ignore society..