Sunday, May 23, 2010

MUSIC || tippin' on the tightrope.

I checked out Janelle Monae's new project, The ArchAndroid, which was released on Tuesday. I've been listening to a bit of it each day, but I finally had time to sit and listen through it in its entirety yesterday before I went to bed. It's a lot to chew on. But I like that in music. It's an eclectic mix of all types of music, not just the funk/soul mix you get from her single, "Tightrope." It's fun. And it makes you FEEL. For most of the songs, there's so much going on, it takes one listen to feel each song's vibe, one listen to really get the intricacies of the music, and one to really pay attention to the lyrics. I love it.

I think this review sums up how I feel about it.
If you don't know Janelle Monae, check out this video and get the album:

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